Welcome to Bedding Smarts
Post dated 2007-12-12

This is a big day at NeatSheets.com. After several years of hard work and planning, today we finally launch our new website. The World Wide Web can be a great tool, and at NeatSheets.com we hope to put this tool to work for you by delivering high quality, innovative products as well as informative articles and tips on how to find and care for the best bedding products available today.

Anyone who has strolled through the bedding section of a department store or a bed & bath specialty store knows how easy it is to be overwhelmed with all the choices. Jersey, percale, pinpoint and sateen; cotton, polyester, bamboo and satin! It can be baffling, even for the experts. That’s why we created Bedding Smarts. Check back here often to see what new articles have been posted, and share your insights by posting feedback and comments regarding the bedding products that work best for you.

Our first article, entitled “Does Sheet Size Matter?” provides insight into the all too common frustration of trying to find sheets that actually fit your bed. We hope you find it helpful.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you will check back often.

Julie Everson, Owner
Everest Luxury Linens

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Welcome to Bedding Smarts
Posted on 2007-12-12
Does Sheet Size Matter?
Posted on 2007-12-12
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