7 Days of Bedding on Babble.com
Written on 2008-03-30

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"It's so nice to finally have sheets that fit my mattress...and the pocket is the perfect place to keep my cell phone at night."

~ J.T. Cleveland, OH

"My eyesight isn't so good anymore. Thanks to the large print on the Smart Tag labels, it's easy to find the right size sheets in my linen closet."

~ Y.M. San Diego, CA

"Why did it take so long for someone to make sheets with all these great features? Thank you NeatSheets!"

~ K.K. Chicago, IL

"I'm diabetic, so I need to keep my glucose test kit nearby at night. The pocket is the perfect place."

~ W.N. Portland, OR

"Sometimes our 9 year-old daughter has asthma attacks at night. She loves to keep her inhaler in the NeatSheets pocket."

~ P.R. Miami, FL

"Thanks to the Smart Tags, my husband actually makes the bed after the sheets come out of the laundry."

~ J.S. Philadelphia, PA

"I bought a set of NeatSheets for my 80 year-old mother who lives alone. She keeps her emergency alert call button in the pocket at night."

~ T.B. New York, NY

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